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Dude Dad and a Disney Artist have teamed up to create a funny and tender tale about backyard inventions and building what matters most.
—A fun-tastic read for the whole family!

Dad’s Crazy Backyard Inventions . . .
Keep Getting Bigger.
So Why Aren’t the Kids Excited?

The viral video star Dude Dad and Disney artist Eda Kaban have built a hilarious and heartfelt tale of a DIY dad’s over-the-top attempts to connect with his kids through wacky inventions.

When Mom heads to the store, Dad sets out to create the most spectacular, build-tastic, super backyard inventions to entertain his three kids—from a gumball time machine to a sherbet-shooter truck.

But Dad’s so busy making stuff for his kids, he forgets to make what matters most…time with them. Thankfully, they have another plan for creating the best day ever—TOGETHER!

Kids and parents will love this fun story about how building memories is the best invention of all!